Bus-Tops September Newsletter

September 3rd, 2012


The Dean Rodney Singers

September marks the final curated month of artwork for the Bus-Tops project and we have some exciting and wonderful works from a huge variety of artists.

This month we feature  the Dean Rodney Singers artworks which will be gracing our screens celebrating a unique talent and multimedia extravaganza. Check out the Dean Rodney Singers artwork here and find out more about the Unlimited/Festival 2012 project here.

Olympic Truce, highlights and Beit Yaacov School

Middlesex University students have been engaged in a project exploring the Olympic Truce for Bus-Tops, with some incredible work being exhibited throughout September. Check out the screens page to see where you can catch the exhibition.

Alongside this work we say hello to the Beit Yaacov School in Sao Paolo Brazil, who have been creating work celebrating London 2012 and looking forward to Rio 2016 and highlight Jemima Brown’s amazing ‘Circles of Fame’ project which delighted and entertained thousands of London Bus passengers througout August.

Rio 2016


Circles of Fame



by Andon


The Dean Rodney Singers

If you haven’t yet had a chance to board a bus and see the art in action check out the video below to see some highlights of the artwork created by the Dean Rodney Singers.

YouTube Preview Image align=”left”